Mindful & Kindful: Lunar Flow, Yin & Restorative

Teacher Govind Das
Water Stage
Style Yin

In this “Lunar” style and deeply calming yoga practice, a shanti-bhav or “peaceful mood” will support us in a sweet combination of slow & easeful vinyasa flow, long holds of simple “yin’” asanas, and concluding with restorative poses help in releasing stories, traumas and emotions held deep within. Create space to step into a new vibration of love. The intention of this practice is to restore and deeply stretch the body and facilitate a true letting go into a profound state of cosmic relaxation and deep earth grounding. While relaxing into the asanas, Govind Das will guide participants through the doorway of the heart with live music and sacred song will uplift the spirit. This practice is healing medicine for the hectic busy pace of modern day living. To slow down gives us the space to remember truth, love, and the perfection of life is not something to be chased after but always exists here within OURSELVES.

Musicians Dave Stringer, The Other Deepak