The Breath Inside the Breath

Teacher Selina Gullery
Earth Stage
Style Yin

Using Yin Yoga postures to calm the nervous system and nourish the deep tissues in our bodies, we will allow our minds to journey our inner geography, guided by the breath. In the continuous oscillation between exhaling and inhaling, we offer ourselves to the world at one moment and draw the world into ourselves at the next. In an attitude of compassionate acceptance, we allow this practice to awaken the more receptive and quiet parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

“Are you looking for me? I am in the next seat. My shoulder is against yours. You will not find me in the stupas, not in Indian shrine rooms, nor in synagogues, nor in cathedrals: not in masses, nor kirtans, not in legs winding around your own neck, nor in eating nothing but vegetables. When you really look for me, you will see me instantly — you will find me in the tiniest house of time. Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God? He is the breath inside the breath.”  – Kabir

Musicians Oliwa, Antarma