Twist…and Twist Again

Teacher Adam Husler
Water Stage
Style Vinyasa

There’s a family of asana that every 21st-century body loves and needs, the twists! We’ll begin by touching base on the mechanics of what’s happening in your body when you twist with integrity and congruence, then the rotations will begin. Via a controlled vinyasa practice, we’ll gradually explore the core-muscles required for non-levered twist and then begin to add some leavers, gradually getting deeper into our opening and closing twists. As times goes by we’ll explore adding our new found twists to increasingly challenging balancing poses and arm balances like grasshopper, side crow, koundinyasana A and revolved bird of paradise. Though it will be a strong practice there’ll be plenty of options for different bodies and levels of practice. You can find this class on

Musicians Ryan Herr, SEBO