Blissful Sound Healing

Teacher Punnu Singh Wasu
Air Stage
Style Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a profound and powerful experience of sound and vibration, which combines live music, pure natural sound, ancient mantras & soulful vocals. Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for the body, mind and soul of a person for harmony and healing. Lie comfortably on mats on the floor while slowing down your breathing. By doing this, you prepare yourself to get in a meditative state of stillness and become the receiver of sounds. Receive powerful mantras, sound medicine melodies and other different songs accompanied by sacred instruments in order to move in a place of complete relaxation and peace. The benefits of sound healing are among others are stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved concentration, and a stronger immune system. Sound healing affects all the cells in your body.

Musicians Punnu Singh Wasu, Miles Shrewsbery