Rhythm is the Cure

Teacher Micheline Berry
Fire Stage
Style Dance

A Liquid Asana™ LIVE Drum & Dance Fest


For millennia, rhythm has been used to induce healing states of being. Join dancer/yogini, Micheline Berry for an unforgettable rhythm journey into the power of the drum as it meets your moving body. Accompanied by the intoxicating beats of our UDAYA LIVE Festival Percussionists, Micheline’s Rhythm is the Cure Dance Journey will guide you deeper into a creative flow, where drummer and mover disappear into an ecstatic state of union, where breath and beat become one. Come prepared to dance your heart out and your ass off, landing in a deep state of bliss stillness at the journey’s end. An occasional poetry throw-down by Micheline is included. Our journey ends in a delicious Savanasa Gong Sound Bath where multiple Tibetan gongs are played on and around your body.

Musicians Pascal de Lacaze, Christopher Payne, Antarma, Christo Pellani