Permission to Surrender

Teacher Jason Anderson
Fire Stage
Style Yin

A slow paced Yin journey revolving around gravity (power) and your breath’s flow (finesse) honoring balance and harmony while immersed in a practice of giving yourself Permission (vulnerability) to Surrender (courage) as you create space (potential). Allow space and your gifts (talents) to unite and then gracefully accept your gifts and thrive in that space (emptiness/potential) from moment to moment. Give Yourself Permission to truly “let go of” and surrender that which does not serve your space such as the illusion of insecurities, self-imposed resistance and limitations which has the magnitude to cast a shadow upon your greatness and obscure the space for your talents to flourish. There are things we must surrender in order to move forward. Perhaps it is refining your belief system, past karma, habits, relationships with people, places or things, etc. Whatever it is, this practice will pave the way to refinement and liberation. Another form of surrender is also found in the art of relaxing when you have met your priorities and it is time to relax. However, relax without the pressure or robotic nature to always be ‘on call’ or have to ‘do something.’ It is of utmost significance that your rest/relax time is a priority within your Universe (space).