Dancing Pigeons

Teacher Adam Husler
Earth Stage
Style Vinyasa

There are plenty of ways to shortcut your way into a pose, or at least something that looks like the pose on quick inspection, but here we’ll be focusing on integrity over aesthetics. King Pigeon and Dancers pose have countless benefits, if done mindfully, but have lots of less-than-desirable outcomes if you are ‘chasing the shape’. Here, through a controlled vinyasa practice, we’ll be especially looking at; finding evenness, enhancing technique and building strength, in your backbends. You’ll leave equipped with an increased understanding of backbends that you can apply to your regular practice, along with a set of tools that you can use to strengthen your over-loose bits and open your over-tight bits. Beyond dancers and pigeon, we’ll be exploring wheel, dropbacks, bow and plenty more. Maybe you’ll even be able to hold your foot over your head; but if you do, it probably won’t change the quality your life significantly! Contortionists and desk workers will both equally find challenge and benefit.

Musicians Pascal de Lacaze