Dancing with the Unknown

Teacher Micheline Berry
Earth Stage
Style Vinyasa

An Inversion Immersion Dancing with the Unknown is an inversion exploration for ALL LEVELS. Inversions are often intimidating and thought of to be practiced by a select yoga elite. Not! Inversions are for everyone and when practiced through Vinyasa Krama (progressive stages), you can find your level and develop the necessary key actions of core integrity common to most inversions. ΒΆ When we turn our world upside down, we develop new ways of navigating the flow and perceiving life which allow us to surf the waves of change with greater ease, trust & adventure. Learning to stay connected to the internal stability of our own embodied center, allows us to fly, often in the face of fear.

Join us for a journey of strong core work, vinyasa krama of blueprint poses leading to peak inversions, landing in a deep forward bend, twists and closing meditation. Those new and old to inversions, WELCOME! From Micheline Berry’s program, Liquid Asana Live on UDAYA.com.