Intimacy & Emotions

Teacher Christine May
Air Stage
Style Prana Flow

This is a sensual Prana Vinyasa Flow® journey into our second chakra and its archetypes. The sacral chakra represents our emotional and sensual awareness, our sexuality and creativity, the creative pure flow of life energy and our natural ability to experience and express passion and desire. This chakra revolves around the theme of sensually tasting life, touching and tasting the world and the ability to be with our feelings in order to become intimate with ourselves and the world. This is a creative, flowing and sensual prana vinyasa practice, playing with the opposites of yin and yang, focussing on balance, heart and hip opening in continuous tidal waves as well as moving meditation. A specific chakra meditation and archetypal reflection are part of this session. From Christine May’s program, Chakralicious coming soon to

Musicians Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda