Stacy Matulis

Stacy is an Intuitive Healer, a Somatic and Depth Psychologist, and a Bodyworker.  As the “Healer” archetype often does, she came to the Healing Arts at an early age, by way of working through her own healing crisis.  Through a devoted yoga and meditation practice, through self-inquiry, through tireless study with teachers and healers, through nutritional cleansing, and through the power of motherhood, and Grace, Stacy has transformed deep depression into joy and inspiration.  After 18 years of getting real with herself, her experiential and intuitive knowledge of The Path has been completely sharpened. Her strength, devotion, lightheartedness, and curiosity follow her into the room.  These qualities energize her quest to integrate transformative practices, and they create a powerful field of tangible, healing energy. Contact Stacy at

In addition to teaching yoga and facilitating group and individual Breath Work Healing, Stacy has a private Somatic Healing and Coaching practice in South Pasadena.
MA, CN, Yoga Alliance 300hr, MT