Masood Ali Khan

Creating storytelling compositions with captivating melodies to inspire the spiritual being within us all.

Percussionist. Composer. Producer, Masood Ali Khan creates a unique musical sound with his mesmerizing combination of the hang drum and sacred mantras that inspire a meditative spiritual experience. Born in London, UK from Indian Muslim parents, Masood enchants audiences in yoga studios and music festivals worldwide with the evocative combination of his voice with the haunting quality of the hang drum. He has released 2 sacred mantra albums:

The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan and The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels, from the Yoga Organix/White Swan label garnering acclaim around the world for its healing and meditative sound. In 2013 he produced and released an eclectic music project Mantra Grooves. Masood has produced and directed sold out musical events of Rumi and Ha z Poetry readings to live music and loves collaborating with musicians in the spiritual and world music scene.