Arezu Kaywanfar

Arezu has been a lifelong Yogini, fuelled by her own spiritual experiences, she holds a deep yearning to help and inspire others as well to connect within themselves.

She began meditating at the age of 5 and started practicing Kundalini Yoga with GuruSingh by the age of 7. When she turned 14, she broke records, as she became the youngest certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. The following year, she answered her inner-calling to attend Miri Piri Academy, a Sikh International School in Amritsar, India where she deepened her yogic practice both physically and mentally. After her experience in India, she attended George Washington University (GWU) in Washington DC. She was the youngest hired staff at GWU, where she initiated Yoga for various Sports teams, who each noticed great improvements in their performance*. She also had the opportunity to teach at many government institutions in the Nation’s Capital: The World Bank, State Department, Peace Corps & IMF.

Upon completion of her degree in International Affairs and Humanitarian Studies, Arezu returned home to Los Angeles and followed the words of one of her teacher’s, GuruSingh, “love your work and you will never work another day in your life.” Due to the life-changing and grounding experiences she had with Yoga and Meditation (such as self-acceptance, sense of relaxation and a balanced physical and mental outlook) while growing up, it built an unwavering devotion within her to give back. Arezu decided to do what she loves most: helping individuals through Yoga to connect within, unleashing their own passions and building a life of purpose. Her brand, InspireZu, is all about finding ways to inspire one another through mind and body practices. She emphasizes working out as well as working in. She is also a Personal Trainer, Boxing, Aqua and Zumba Instructor but yoga remains her main focus and passion. She now teaches over 11 different modalities of yoga from Kundalini to Core Power to Restorative; however, she is most known for her trademarked fusion class, “Kundalini Core Flow” which combines most of her lineages as well as her popularized, “Brain Boosting” workshop.


Arezu has always been adamant to give back (advocate of Community Service), from her trips to India where she was first exposed to the “Seva” (selfless service) culture, to building schools in Guatemala, to visiting Forgotten Refugee Camps in Sudan where her dream of building the first all Girls school became a reality. Through the act of giving, she has received so much in return. She has found many ways to incorporate her Humanitarian Degree with her livelihood of Yoga. She is the Director of Special Events and CA Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF). ARPF teaches a powerful Kundalini meditation that has been scientifically researched (by UCLA) to reverse and help aid in preventing memory loss, as well as many other benefits. She is a certified Brain Longevity Specialist; who travels and teaches seminars how to train the Mind and Body through exercise, meditations, diet and more to boost the Brain ***. She is certified to teach children from ages 2 years and up, making sure that the future generation has the same grounding tools that she was grateful to grow up with. She is also certified as a Yoga for Youth teacher for underprivileged and incarcerated youth in Los Angeles.


Through many different avenues, Arezu has been able to combine her varied skills, a wealth of knowledge, love for teaching, global thirst for traveling, and the sentiment to “give back” to live a truly well-rounded, full-bodied life; all of which is incorporated into her lifestyle brand, InspireZu. She is grateful for opportunities to teach workshops and retreats abroad, as she has taught many retreats in Costa Rica, as well as teaching InspireZu workshop’s at SoHo House Miami and Berlin…she looks forward to welcoming more InspireZu teaching opportunities globally!

Follow her journey on Instagram (@inspire_zu), continue to practice with her from the comfort of your own home (Via: – use code AREZU for a first-month-free trial), and if you wish to schedule a private or group class with Arezu, please contact her to learn more (