Adelina Kirilova

The yoga teacher doesn’t teach you, the yoga teacher inspires you.

I found yoga in 2005. Once, when I was at a yoga practice with my teacher I
became inspired and felt the desire to teach. Soon after that, in 2010 I started my
own classes as a teacher. Since then I went to many courses – Ashtanga, Vinyasa
flow(RYT-Yoga Alliance), yoga psychology(Gayatri yoga shala, India), I found
Shivananda yoga system, yoga for pregnancy(RYT- Yoga Alliance), and I met
many inspirational teachers. Three years ago I found the magic of dancing. I am
thrilled by the possibility to create with our bodies. The movements that we use
for dancing are very similar to the ones we employ in yoga, and I have always
known that yoga, dancing and movement is what gives a special meaning to my
life. This is how I created a very feminine, sensual, meditative, but at the same
time powerful practice. In my classes I always say – “Imagine that you are
drawing with your bodies. They are your brush, which you create your lives
with. Enjoy every movement to the fullest, feel, and love your body.”
The connection with our bodies is the most important one. This is the deepest,
the most mystical love connection that we experience in our lives.